Saturday, March 28, 2015

Raising vibration show with Paige Hall-Ferraro and special guest Méline Lafont.

You can listen to the show here and now <3 enjoy!

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Jamye Price – Creating From The Human Mind – 26 March 2015

JamyePrice2012closeupCreating from the Human Mind
There are those that resent the “failings” of the human mind. That it can be distracted, fooled or controlled by another are not failings. Do not let your power be distracted by those that focus on the lack or the problems. Live the solution.
The vulnerabilities of the human mind are part of the strengthening of the being. Vulnerability is not a weakness unless you choose not to understand its value. Vulnerability is the valuable ability for one to be open enough to change. Change is a choice, a gift of the mind.

Kara Schallock ~ The Current Eclipse Cycle: endings and new beginnings - 3/26/2015


We are in a very powerful Eclipse Cycle. The Solar Eclipse was a huge shift for many…even if you didn’t especially feel like much was going on in your life. As I shared in the last Ascension Note, it was particularly powerful for relationships, including any old patterns that are still lingering in the deeper recesses of your subconscious. The Lunar Eclipse on April 4 will reach deeper into your being to shift any old energies, especially relating to how you are with others (including yourself).

One of the new ways of being is to let go of any need you have for closure. The separate ego likes things to be neat and tidy and have everything in a category. In the New, things flow and ebb. Energies fluctuate, so what you think is complete may move into a different form of expression. It is important to just allow things to be without closing the door to anything, for it could be that that door opens once again to a higher expression…or not. Whatever is for your highest evolution will occur. Let it be what it is without ego-definition.

Karen Dover ~ Understanding and removing distorted “belief” systems

karen doonan

Many assume that without a “belief” in something then “something” would not exist and as this is not TRUTH it is not supported in the New Earth frequency realities. ALL JUST IS and this is filtered out by those running the frequencies from which the distorted belief systems manifest from.

Let me explain by example, we do not have to believe in TRUTH for TRUTH to exist, TRUTH already exists and we are breaking down the barriers that we have been taught to create to keep us from said TRUTH.

Bob Fickes ~ Enlightenment is Showing Up More and More Each Day!

As I read the comments each day, I get more excited! My heart is bursting with joy. So many are experiencing clear signs of Enlightenment. It is really inspiring. Each of you are changing your perspectives and the light is shining through. Be the light and enjoy the blessings each day. Don’t worry about what you do. Just shine the light and the love and do your best. The most important thing is to enjoy each day and live your life fully conscious. The more your light and love shine through, the more each day gets better than before. Enlightenment is about shining the light and living the love. Bring joy into your life today, and more joy will appear tomorrow. The Inner Child will help you to play. The Inner Master will help you to realize your Enlightenment is here and now. All future melts into the Eternal Now.

Suzanne Lie ~ The Process of Ascension Arcturians and Galactic Family

The Process of Ascension

The Arcturians and your Galactic Family

Quietly and introspectively the changes are slowly, yet steadily taking place in your consciousness. You are now beginning to loose “time” in your daily life and, simultaneously, have brief experiences of being in the NOW. Within the NO-time of the NOW there are no expectations, disappointments, failures or even victories, as these are all time-bound concepts. You may briefly feel these concepts in the NOW, but they usually “live” in the past or present.

For example, “expectations” live in the future, “disappointments” live in the past, “failure” is a fear that can haunt you from the past or frighten you in the future, and victories are something that you hold on to from the past or hope for the future. However, in the NOW there is no past or future.

Thursday, March 26, 2015

Anna Merkaba ~ Blood Moon – FREEDOM PORTAL – Urgent Message to Ground Crew – Galactics

New Image2Greetings everyone! Before I begin this channeling I would like to add a personal note. As many of you already know and have felt we have just experienced an opening of phenomenal portal of light, a portal of stabilization and a portal of progress and intuitive understanding of being. This portal was but one door into the new world which we are all walking towards. As many of you know another magnificent portal is about to open for all of us, this portal is going to take place on April 4th – The Blood Moon portal.
Before I talk about that though I would like to point out to all of you that the next few days leading up to this blood moon will see you incredibly conflicted. All of your old memories and RE-Actions are going to come back, you will feel as if all the work that you have done on yourself is slipping way from you and you are right back to square one.

Bob Fickes ~ Reshaping your Consciousness and Changing your World

Consciousness is an amazing tool that can be molded and shaped into anything you want to create. You only need to know how to discover your consciousness inside through meditation. But in the same way that we cannot see our self without a mirror, consciousness cannot be seen without meditation. This means that our most amazing tool to change our life is normally hidden from our perception. We look so much at the world around us to solve our problems that we forget to look inside and change our consciousness. All of the solutions to every problem can be solved if we just learned the skill of how to change the mold or shape of our consciousness. Changing our consciousness changes the way we feel, the way we think and the way we create. When our consciousness becomes a real experience, it becomes a tangible presence in our life that can be shaped into any ability that we can imagine. If our consciousness can imagine it, we can create it. But if we don’t know how to feel our consciousness inside and only look at the world, nothing will change.
When we look at the world of problems, we think that because they are outside of us, we have to wait for the problem to change or the people around us to change before anything positive can result. We don’t realize that if we change the way we see the world around us, the world will change. When we feel more loving and happy, everyone around us begins to feel safer with us and open his or her hearts to help us. A simple smile can make another person smile with us. If we take this one more step, a simple smile can make the universe smile with us. That means that now the universe is our friend instead of our distant enemy. The universe sees what we need and helps us to achieve it. Reshaping your consciousness into a vehicle of love and happiness will reshape the world that you live in.

Magenta Pixie ~ Divine Feminine Archetypes (Goddess, High Priestess and Queen-of-the-Moon)

Magenta Pixie's website:

The cosmic divine feminine stands as the "Yin" to the "Yang" and balances the forward moving action with spiralling, receptive flow. There are many ways to access the Divine Feminine frequency and the archetypes are but one way. Within this transmission we present three Divine Feminine archetypes, that of "Goddess", "High Priestess" and "Queen-of-the-Moon".

Channelled, written and narrated by Magenta Pixie. Video arranged by Catzmagick. Media c/o freeimages, motionbackgroundsforfree and Kevin Macleod.

Meredith Murphy ~ Activating Transmission from the Pure Land Message from the Ashira

Meredith lighter on white

Transcript from Live Channeling on 29 January 2015,  by Meredith Murphy  

Introduction from Meredith
Hi everyone. Welcome.
Today we are to receive a transmission. Let me just tune in. I feel like I am to give you a little guidance before we do the transmission so let me just understand.
I’m being told that what I want to explain to you is that you will move into a state of greater knowing as a result of the transmission that will be given today. It’s a transmission of templates of perception that will give you the capacity to relate to life more directly and more clearly. As a result of this you will experience expanded capacities to know things. Your sense of innate knowledge will open up more.