Monday, February 8, 2016

Mahala ~ Happy Chinese New Year February 8, 2016

Mahala Gayle

This is the year of the Fire Monkey and it will be a very exciting year. I like the sign of the Monkey. The Fire Monkey is very energetic and is a natural leader and innovator. The fire element gives him great vitality and he has a fertile imagination. He is also very inventive. The Fire Monkey is the most forceful of all the Monkeys. He likes to be in control and can be very opinionated.
Everything will be workable this year because the monkey will not give up before trying every angle. There will be lots of inventions. Politics, diplomacy, high finance and business will be engaged to the fullest this year. America was born in the year of the Fire Monkey, 1776. This year is also ruled by the Astrological sign of Leo so we will experience a lot of good energy from that fire sign.

A Message from Mira from the Pleiadian High Council through Valerie Donner February 5, 2015

Greetings, I am Mira. I am happy to speak with you today.

We are pleased to see how much awakening has occurred since we last spoke. The Light that is coming to you and the planet is making a difference. You are doing an excellent job of integrating and working with the Light. It is exceptional the shift that has occurred in the past month.

We on the Earth Council are finding new ways of helping the earth and humanity to rise above the challenges that you are being faced with on a regular basis. We do this by energetically raising the awareness levels of those who are already awakened. We want you to be aware of everything that is going on so this is why your sensitivity levels are also expanded. You need every bit of sharpness that you can attain to do what needs to be done.

Sunday, February 7, 2016

Marlene Swetlshoff ~ Hilarion ~ February 7, 2016


Note from Scribe:  The following is an email message that I received through the Rainbow Scribe email box 3 days ago – I was surprised that Hilarion chose to address this issue in this week’s message but on reflection, it may help others, so here is the message verbatim that was sent to me from someone who was obviously too cowardly to put their name on it: 

“Know that your were always on my sh;t list, so don't get any big ideas that you are somehow important, your channeling was always mediocre at best, no one ever took you seriously, I know you are border line mentally ill or at least mentally slow and too slow to catch that Steve Beckow was just patronizing you, and we all know you have no talent and are a total waste of space but we were being kind. You are a egomaniac and not in your heart. You are a small person with limited vision, sad case.  Blessing of Light.”

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

February 7-14, 2016

Beloved Ones,

The only constant during these times is change - and one must be ready and willing to move into the direction that one’s reality mirrors back to them as it occurs. By following these signs that show the way, one begins to live a life of cosmic adventure which becomes filled with wondrous synchronicities and occurrences. You must be willing to release old patterns, energies and material holdings when their use, enjoyment and implementation in your life have been fulfilled. In these times, it becomes necessary to do regular purging of many items which have outlived their usefulness and the willingness to pass them on to others who can still benefit from them. Know that the universe always replaces them with something even better and more befitting your soul’s expansion into broader horizons of illuminated living.

Kara Schallock ~ Living the New Now - 05-Feb-2016


We are definitely in a whole New space (I know I keep saying that; we keep evolving). I know you feel it. We’ve been inundated with one solar event after another and this is not to stop, but intensify with each day. On February 8th, we have a New Moon, which further helps us evolve in our New Now. And we continue to have a five-planet alignment for a few more weeks to further empower the energies. We sure are feeling it, aren’t we? If you can go beneath the surface of how you are experiencing all of this, you will see old beliefs, patterns and other old energies making their way to the surface in order to make room for more Love and more Light. Yesterday I had an amazing experience with someone in which their Light Body enveloped them. Their Light Body showed itself as a beautiful bubble of liquid Light. It was amazing. I imagine that as each clears, their own Light Body will do something similar. Just remember that each experience is different and unique for each person and can only occur when a person is clear of old energies and programs. Once clear, it is important not to go back into acting in the old way. Everything must shift, so stay in the Moment, for it is only in the Now Moment that you will discover your next steps in the New Now.

Marilyn Raffaele ~ The Arcturian Group ~ FEBRUARY 7, 2016

lyman - last light of winter
Dear ones, we greet you in love with information and encouragement regarding your spiritual journey. For most of you, all is proceeding according to plan even when it seems nothing is happening. The process of clearing everything old and finished while integrating the new involves time and energy for the human form and this often manifests as a lack of energy, tiredness, and malaise. Honor the process by allowing yourselves to rest more.
The moment an individual chooses to evolve no matter how many years or lifetimes ago it may of been, the "train leaves the station". Many of you specifically chose to be here at this time of powerful ascension energy in order to complete any remaining third dimensional lessons and "graduate".

Archangel Michael through Celia Fenn ~ Earth Mastery and Finding your Soul Team in 2016

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Image by Fiona Owen at 
Beloved Earth Family, as you move into the second month of 2016, the energy continues to be intense and the challenges that you face in daily life continue to be a pressure for a while. On the 2/2, or the 2nd of February, there was a powerful Time Line adjustment on the Earth. The purpose of this adjustment was to recalibrate and adjust the New Earth Timeline, after the major shifts in February 2014 that brought the Earth into alignment for the New Earth frequencies. At this point, all Earth Time Lines are aligned with the new hyperdimensional Time/Space Reality that is manifesting the New Earth.

Ann Dahlberg ~ Judas Iscariot ~ February 5, 2016

Judas Iscariot
Friday, February 5, 2016 
Channel: Ann Dahlberg

I am Judas Iscariot and I greet you all from above. You are on your way, dear Earthlings. The start signal has gone and it will not take long before the currency changes start up, around the world. We are all very grateful for this. All those that have worked with this have finally secured the outcome. It is slowly starting to spread to more and more countries. Many governments are now starting to get nervous, others try to grasp the last straw, yet others turn around hundred and eighty degrees and want to become a part of this process. They can see and understand that there is no way back to the old. The new is on its way and cannot be stopped. It is solidly anchored in Earth and Heaven, and has received the blessing of all.

Shanta Gabriel ~ AA Gabriel ~ Gently and with love, honor yourself

.Shanta Gabriel

Dear One,
You are sometimes kinder to total strangers than you are to yourself. You are a magnificent being of light. Honor and remember this, for it is not easy to be in an earth-body. There are many demands on you. You can be so involved with day-to-day struggles that you do not feel you have time to remember your spirit. And yet it is the focus on your spirit that will make your earth-walk easier.
Honor yourself in gentleness and love. You are not alone. The Infinite Presence has not placed you onto the earth plane without a way of receiving assistance when you most need it. That is why there are Angels. Angels are messengers from God who are here to assist in making your earthly life more effortless, to bring light into the darkness, and to remind you that you are incredibly loved.
We know of your struggle, and we know that you are making a valiant effort. We bless you and honor you for all that you have done and are doing. But more than that, we honor you for who you are deep inside. We honor that part of you that holds the essence of your soul. We see within you a spark of incredible goodness and love. This we bless and honor and we urge you to do the same. The more you bless and honor this Divine Light within you, the more it grows. The more this light grows, the more love you feel and the more energy you have. The more love you feel within you, the more you want to give to others. In this way the world is served and more light is brought to your beautiful planet, which is in need of great blessings at this time.

Friday, February 5, 2016

Ron Head ~ Current Events – The Council

the council

Current Events – The Council

Today we would like to discuss current events with you, not news items, but the things that are going on in your lives. We’ll just dive right into it.
You have been told to expect a lot of things in your lives. And we have repeatedly told you that the important things were what is happening to your inner being and the rest would happen as a result of that. We told you that your outer world could not be anything but a reflection of the inner. The word ‘soon’ became something of a joke. “Oh no! Not ‘soon’ again!” And we said that the changes were happening ‘now’ but had not surfaced yet.

Emmanuel Dagher ~ Energy forecast February ~ The Lightness Returns

energyforecastbanner 2015

Hi my friend,
If the start of 2016 has been much more intense than you anticipated, you are not alone.
In fact, many people noticed that the first four weeks of January were some of the toughest they have experienced in years.
Why is this happening?
To the human part of ourselves, it can feel frustrating to try and figure out why things happen the way they do.