Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Wes Annac – Galactic Fleets and Relationship Issues – 9-17-14

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Fleet of UFOs in the sky
Channeled through Wes Annac, The Culture of Awareness, Oversoul Teachings
The more you practice channeling and the various other greater spiritual capabilities you’re beginning to discover you can hone, the stronger these abilities will become. Dedication to the channeling flow will always be important for anyone who wants to hone their ability, and this can obviously be said for any ability under the sun.
As long as you’re willing to practice your respective creative/spiritual abilities as much and as often as possible, you’ll find little difficulty utilizing them at any given time of day.
Your ability to act as clear and pure conduits for your higher selves, guides and the rest of the Company of Heaven is growing with each day that passes, and we note that your enthusiasm to contribute to your new society is growing immensely as a result.

Aisha North ~ A short update on the energies

By now, the incoming energies will begin to register in many of you, as they herald the flux that will accompany next week’s portal of the Equinox. Yes, this is indeed another one of those numerous occasions when mankind get the chance to take another step up on this seemingly endless ladder of ascension. For we are well aware that for many, this process may seem to be endless, and that is indeed understandable. After all, this what you knew from the very beginning would constitute your life’s work this time around, and so, it is not by accident that you have been guided through this process in increments, seemingly minuscule at some times, while at others you truly commit yourselves to a true quantum leap. And this time, we can indeed guarantee you it will not be one of those infinitesimally small steps ahead, no this time, it will indeed be a mighty push in the back that will propel you all forwards in a giant leap. And so, whatever happens in the upcoming days, know that it will all be in order to prepare you all in the best possible way the better for you to be able to receive these bountiful gifts of energetic emissaries already heralding their arrival.

And so we say again remember to listen well to what your physical body may request in the time ahead, but also to the singsong of these incoming frequencies, for they are already starting to vibrate through your very being. And the better you are able to tune into these beforehand, the more approachable you will seem to be. And so, whatever it may be that needs to be done for you in order to speed up your forward momentum, the easier this process will become if you once again allow this light to interact with your being in a relaxed fashion.

Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Bob Fickes ~ Saint Germain: Today the Violet Flame Surrounds the Earth

A Message from St. Germaine
My dear friends, I AM St. Germaine. Today I send my Violet Flame to blanket the Earth surrounding everything in your world with a soft light of peace and joy.
I lift your consciousness and sooth your body with the healing rays of light. You will feel this peace going deep inside of you, lifting your soul to a new dimension of inner peace.
The Violet Flame is necessary at this time to help you transform into your highest good. Each of you must make a choice to do that thing that you have desired for so long. It may be the choice to do something good for your family or one of your friends. It may be the choice to visit a holy place and make an offering of peace for all the world. What ever your choice is, today is the day to confirm it.

Brenda Hoffman ~ Your role is to prove New Earth is reality : 16 September 2014

cart_headerLife Tapestry Creations - Brenda Black Photo
Summary of Brenda’s September 12, 2014 free, 15-minute, channeled “Creation Energies” show at  Your big dreams are the cornerstone of new earth and you. Many, if not all, of your dreams require financial abundance. Creating financial abundance provides more to share with others in terms of displaying new earth creation capabilities and globally dispersing financial resources.
The title of last week’s “Brenda’s Blog” – her free, weekly, channeled blog for “Creation Cycles – From Earth to Beyond”
Brenda’s “Creation Energies” show and “Brenda’s Blog” contain different channeled information.
Dear Ones,
Even though you might not yet have created something of great importance to you, you have started the process of doing so. Have you not found yourself dreaming endlessly about a particular physical manifestation? By doing so, you formalized your biggest dream for yourself.
If you have delayed this piece by sending energy to daily issues, do not fret. It is not yet time for you to focus on your dream.

Sandra Walter ~ Light Filaments bringing a New Level of the Christ

Blessings Beloved Light Tribe,
The last Gate-wave was quite intense. Gratitude to all who assisted in opening up gates and portals to bring in this New Light. It was intense work which held many personal revelations. There was a deep relief as the Gateway energies anchored after the SuperMoon.  It may feel like a deep sense of peace, a sudden release of stress or worry, or a profound state of revelation beyond the veils, depending on your journey.
It was a very physical gate energy because it was preparing us at a cellular level for incoming light filaments delivered by the X flare on the last day of the gate. Note how different the last magnetic storm felt – the Light is shifting, we are attuning to our new level of consciousness. Cellular work affects the energy fields, so the last wave may have been uncomfortable for the body, especially the heart center. Remember it is the release of density and old programming which causes discomfort. Assist it in releasing, and console the body when it has a rough moment.

Monday, September 15, 2014



As massive portals have now opened up there is a magnetic pull from soul to soul to unite for specific purposes.
There are core groups of souls from within certain soul groups, who have come in for specific tasks or missions to accomplish.  They were involved with the creation of the planet from the very beginning, and have returned to assist the planet through this phase of transformation.

Aisha North ~ A short update on the energies ~ September 15, 2014


As many of you have noticed the amplitude is once again increasing as we all prepare you for that incoming blast of light that will once again envelop your entire planet in this upcoming period. For as many of you know, you are approaching an important time of your year, when you once again enter what we like to call a focal point of energies. For what you call your Equinox is once again approaching, and with it, a whole new set of coordinates will come into being.

You see, this period will this time also come accompanied by a whole host of energetic messengers that will serve to strengthen the foundations for all those seeking balance while at the same time serve to further destabilize those still intent on creating fear in the hearts and minds of humanity. And so, that rift between the two worlds will once again widen, and for those trying to straddle this expanse, the ensuing confusion will also increase.

Bob Fickes ~ The Story of Buddha and Mother Earth

his final days before Buddha achieved his Enlightenment, the demon Mara came to tempt him. Buddha had been sitting under the Bodhi Tree in deep meditation for a long time. Mara wanted to distract Buddha and bring him out of meditation so he would not get his Enlightenment.
First Mara sent his beautiful daughters to play in front of Buddha in order to excite Buddha’s passions and bring him out of meditation. Buddha remained in a such a natural state of peace that he didn’t even notice the passionate dance of Maras three daughters. Mother Earth saw what Mara’s daughters were trying to do and created a strong wind to blow them away so that Buddha could continue with his meditation.

Wes Annac ~ Oversoul Teachings Q&As: Detached Lightwork and ‘The Event’ – Part 2/2

Channeled through Wes Annac, The Culture of Awareness, Oversoul Teachings

Concluded from Part 1

With this recommendation given, we’ll move on to our next question.


Question #2: ‘The Event’
“Just wondering your thoughts on the ‘event’ and Robert Potter?”

This subject can be tricky, and it goes without saying that a lot of perspectives are flying around in regards to the ‘event’ the direct role your star family will play in your evolution.

We’ll confirm that down the line, there will be not only one, but a series of brazen energetic ‘events’ (and ‘events’ that are related to contact with your star family) that’ll drastically raise humanity’s vibration and introduce your collective to the fourth and fifth dimensions, and your star family will play a very big role in your ascension.

Suzanne Lie ~ Messager From the Arcturians -- The Volunteers 9-13-14

Message From The Arcturians

The Volunteers

(NOTE FROM SUE-I woke up this morning with the following dream/message.)

We are the Arcturian, speaking to you from the NOW of 1946,
We are in what is known as a “hospital” awaiting the birth of the female human that we will be over-lighting. The year is 1946 and Earth is in great danger again, and still. Gaia has put out another call to the Ashtar Command and the Galactic Federation to assist her. She needs some humans who can be a genetic combination of galactics and celestials to assist Her in the dangerous times ahead.

The testing and the droppings of atomic bombs have wounded Her body all the way into her fourth dimensional expression. It appears that the Draconians wearing human forms have lost this latest World War, but in reality they have infiltrated much of the Allied forces that appearedto have won.