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Found! 5 Ancient Alien Planets Nearly As Old As the Universe

Kara ~ Life in the New - 1/25/2015



I know you know that we are in a whole new phase. Many are wondering if it is true, since they are experiencing much of the same purging energy and wonder what happened to the “promise” of being in the New World. Some are experiencing this New Life; they are the ones who have completed what they needed to let go of and have integrated the new high vibrational life of Flow and Ease. Most, however, are still needing to rearrange their lives according to how they’re guided and are either resisting doing that or are still in that process. And there are those who have done the work, but haven’t yet shifted to living in the New; not quite knowing how. Since my path is to address the highest potential of those who want to continue in their Ascension, I share this Note. Do remember, that New Life does not magically appear; we are the ones who bring it to fruition.

For those who are fully aware that they no longer relate to 3D dualistic life, you are now choosing to live fully from your Soul’s perspective; that of being and knowing your full Divinity. This includes knowing that you are abundant and create everything in your life. You live based on your own Intuition and Knowing. You know that whatever you think and feel create the next moments and you know that by being authentically true to who you are, your Light touches all others. It is easier to stay in the Moment and you see through all illusions, while judging none of it. You know that everyone and everything is right where they need to be, even when you see their struggle. You view everything with the eyes of Soul; of the Divine; in detachment and Love. You know that there is no stopping point, for Ascension is infinite, and you are fine with that. You no longer suffer, for suffering is resistance to change. You know that your sole/soul purpose is to create and what you create is entirely up to you.

Karen Dover ~ TRUTH vs Belief

karen doonan

Many of you may have heard me discuss FLOW on the Beyond the Looking Glass Radio Showlast night with my guest Roger Larsen from Norway.  In the show we discussed the dissolving of the old 3D earth created construct and how we must now allow for the FLOW of TRUTH to enter into our human vehicles and flow around, within and through us.  Many are at this time working from the standpoint of trying to anchor TRUTH, they search and they debate and then they attempt to anchor into a reality. This is the opposite of what we are asked to do at this moment. For TRUTH ALREADY EXISTS, it has always existed, we were simply taught to filter TRUTH out and to keep the old 3d earth created construct stable by providing it with the energy source of the frequency of fear.
The old 3d earth created construct taught us this by teaching us to remain in logic, to always defer to our human eyes and reference through our logical mind.  This takes us OUT of FLOW and attempts to create a construct, constructs are not TRUTH for you cannot construct a flow!  FLOW JUST IS as TRUTH JUST IS and both already exist.  To reach them we need only take down the constructs that we have been taught to build and preserve within us. These are the old 3d earth created construct teachings that seek to teach us that life is hard and that we must struggle and fight for what we believe. This filters out that FLOW IS NATURAL and needs no fighting for or struggle, the very fact that any struggle or fight is present shows the construct is in place.  Life is not a challenge, nor hard, we have simply been TAUGHT to BELIEVE that this is so, why do we believe this is so?  because we are not only taught to believe but we are taught to CREATE SAID STRUGGLE.

Gigantic Ring System 200 Times Larger Than Saturn Discovered – 28 January 2015

RT logoAstronomers have discovered a massive ring system circling the exoplanet or brown dwarf dubbed J1407b. One scientist referred to it as a “super Saturn” due to its size. In fact, it may even be home to a moon the size of Earth.
The discovery marks the first time a ring system has been seen existing outside of our solar system. New analysis shows there are over 30 rings in the system, each measuring tens of millions of kilometers in diameter. Scientists also discovered gaps in the rings, which indicate that satellites (exomoons) may have formed.
The star is much too far away to observe the rings directly, but we could make a detailed model based on the rapid brightness variations in the star light passing through the ring system. If we could replace Saturn’s rings with the rings around J1407b, they would be easily visible at night and be many times larger than the full moon,” Leident Observatory astronomer Matthew Kenworthy said in a news release.
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Mouth Of The Beast Or God’s Hand? Amazing Photo Of’ Cometary Globule’ CG4 – 29 January 2015

Image from
Image from
A newly published ghostly image from space as been dubbed the ‘Mouth of the Beast’ by astronomers working with Europe’s Very Large Telescope. The exact nature of the cloud of gas and dust is a mystery, and has been called a ‘cometary globule’.
The strange phenomenon is about 1,300 light-years from Earth in the constellation Puppis, which is also known as the Poop Deck or Stern. Cometary globule CG4 has nothing to do with comets – it’s actually a faint nebula, despite its bright and vivid colors as seen in thephotopublished () by the European Southern Observatory Wednesday.

Terri Newlon – Djwhal Khul – “Accomplishments” – 30 January 2015

DjwhalKhulJanuary 29, 2015
(Channeling begins)
Djwhal Khul here. Tashi Delek.
Alright. I’ll take a moment here to work my way a little deeper into the channeled state. Those of you who practice channeling know you sometimes get that instant deep connection and other times it sort of sinks in more slowly and we’re having that kind of a day with a little more sinking in slowly and building the power.  
We’re in a pretty strong Mercury retrograde which is challenging communications, however I think they’re going to start feeling clearer even though it won’t go direct until February 11. It should feel a little clearer right around the 1st of February for two or three days and then Venus just moved into psychic Pisces, or what I call PsyPi. That’s creating some very interesting things. A lot of energy work going on on the inner planes.

The Diamond Path: The New Creative Adventure of Love and Abundance in 2015 Archangel Michael through Celia Fenn

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On this first day of the year 2015 you are stepping into a new beginning and a new adventure on Planet Earth.  2014 was experienced by many as a difficult and chaotic year with personal challenges to many of you. But, Beloved Family of Light, it was also the year in which the gateways and portals of Magical Abundance and Creativity were anchored on the Earth. The challenges that you faced helped you to truly stand in your power and be the Creator of your own Reality. This is the essence of a Multi-Dimensional Master of Light.

In the year 2015, you will be given the opportunity to further develop your skills and abilities as the powerful Diamond Light energies create further acceleration of consciousness and further activations of DNA codes for spiritual and physical evolution. We call this new Time Spiral the Diamond Path, and on this path you will discover the power of Infinite Love and Compassion. You will discover your power within the Galactic and Cosmic energies and you will focus this into the creation of a loving and harmonious reality as you travel the Diamond Path as multi-dimensional Masters and Creators.

The Year of the Dragonfly: Perspectives from New Shamanism Posted by Celia Fenn on 6 January 2015


2015 is going to be an astonishing and magical year on Planet Earth.  The Energy that is the Guardian and Keeper of this year is that of the Dragonfly.  Dragonfly is the Keeper of the Portals of Magic, Dreams and Mystery.  It is a fitting energy to guide our emergence into the Sixth Dimension of Magic and Dream manifestation.

As we anchor the magical sixth dimension on Earth, Dragonfly will assist in guiding us into a new magical and shamanic reality.

New Shamanism is a way of living as well as a perception of reality that draws on the ancient path of the Shaman.  But, in the 21st century, this path is expressed and experienced at a new level of awareness that incorporates higher consciousness, compassion and creativity.

Friday, January 30, 2015

Méline Portia Lafont - Promemoria e riflessioni del momento da parte degli Arturiani

Translation by Valentina Vazzaz

Gli Arturiani

Questo periodo dell'ADESSO gira attorno a tutto ciò che siete: il vostro centro del cuore. Si tratta di questo e di dove accadranno i cambiamenti e gli impulsi drastici. Un'umanità elevata in aumento si trova nel pieno del suo processo di crescita  e si avvicina alla sua piena glora; perciò tutta la concentrazione dovrebbe, ora essere messa su questo processo poiché è veramente importante se non cruciale.
Molti portali si sono aperti, molti altri stanno per aprirsi e vortici energetici verranno attivati. Quello che che sta per accadere nell'Adesso è fondamentale e determinerà il vostro futuro Adesso. In quanto umanità, sarete responsabili delle vostre personali creazioni e dei cambiamenti globali poiché questo è il vostro processo e la vostra realtà. I portali già aperti ed i vortici attivati porteranno a cambiamenti molti intensi ma anche piacevoli. Tutti voi portate queste energie e portali nel vostro intimo attraverso le connessioni e le integrazioni che avete con l'intero Cosmo e con questo Universo in quanto aspetto Galattico e di Luce.


There is a higher state of Being which is truly something so deep, so immensely and totally there and is best connected to deep within ourselves.
It is that BEING which is behind all life and life forms, the very Higher Mind, the Higher Heart and Soul, and that which is beyond all of that.
In this moment, that is what we, who have been prepared for this for so long, are stepping into in the next few years.  It goes beyond whatever went before, and into a much higher octave of consciousness.