Thursday, July 31, 2014

Os Tsolians falam sobre o Replicador

Translated by Patricia Teixeira 

Méline: Esta é uma mensagem curta em que os Tsolians do Quadrante Delta explicam o que é o replicador depois de um amigo meu ter colocado essa questão.

Saudações queridos,

O replicador, o que tem sido falado, é uma tecnologia que é baseada nas partículas de Luz do sol que se mergem e se misturam com os átomos da atmosfera de forma a criar e a trazer algo para a existência. É uma fórmula de aparecimento de certas atmosferas atómicas que estão submersas com as contínuas partículas de luz do Sol, que por sua vez derramam as estruturas atómicas, isto para que uma criação seja formada.

Sandra Walter ~ Divine intervention: Creating new everything

Blessings Beloved Light Tribe,
What a magnificent end to July energetics ~ Stimulating, heart-opening, expansive Light. Our next Cosmic Gateway is August 4 – 12, however I AM excited for the NOW of this Light and what is has to show all of us.
Clearing the Path for MORE
My dear 2008 Mac, a parting gift from my last employer, reflected my desire to create the brand new and stopped being of service last SUNday. As Divine Will would have it, this happened the day after a deep conversation with a friend when I shared that I wanted to spend August focused on this New Light and all it has to reveal to me. New Moon manifestation said *SO BE IT!* – Mac gone, no more creating with the tool that graciously supported me through this transition into the New Light. And a big YES to taking the time to experience the powers of August, which prepares us for another trigger-like energetic shift first week of September (what a fine Birthday Presence!)

Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Bob Fickes ~ Twin Flames

Twin Flames are real! They do exist! Twin Flames are two sides of our own Infinite Nature! Meeting our Twin Flame means that we are ready to meet our Infinite Self!
Our Infinite Self is brighter than the brightest Sun and more pure than anything within the limits of this Universe! This is our true nature and the most powerful expression of our Divine Consciousness. It is One and indivisible! There is no other!
But at the very beginning of Time a miracle occurred! Our light swelled up with Infinite Love and burst into two Divine Flames: one male and one female! These Twin Flames were two sides of the same being!

Meeting our Twin Flame is like looking in the mirror! It is not necessarily what we need right now!
Have you ever dreamed of finding your perfect mate? You know that perfect person who will love you unconditionally and help you through the maze of misunderstanding and pain, and assist you in finding your Enlightenment!

Bob Fickes ~ Relationships

Why is there always so much stuff that we need to deal with when we have a relationship?
This is a big question that every human being wants to understand.
I often think that when I was a monk it was much easier! Then it was only me! So easy!
But Maharishi often said that the life of a monk or single life takes longer to get Enlightenment than the life of someone who is in a relationship!
When we are in a relationship, we have a mirror. We have to look at the reflection of everything we do!
We cannot hide!
The big problem we have in a relationship is…we want our partner to do everything that we want them to do! Control! That is the big issue!

Wes Annac ~ Oversoul Teachings: Proudly Shining Your Light

Channeled through Wes Annac, The Culture of Awareness
When you can surrender the mind and ego to the flow of energy and information you’re being given from the higher realms, you’ll see that striving has never been inherently required to find the higher state of consciousness you seek.

You’ll see that little is required beyond the surrender of the lower facets of your consciousness that’d keep you held back forever if they were allowed, and you’ll see that simply retreating into the flow of higher-vibrational information/energy is among the best things you can do for yourselves.

Surrendering the mind and adopting the ability to live from a constant, loving space will help you make the flowing connections so many of you want to make, and after so long of finding and acting on these connections, they’ll eventually flow in an unprecedented way.
You’ll be able to pick up on the energies and impressions you’re being given with a degree of ease, because you’ll see that you are and have always been receptors for the energy of the divine.

Maarten Horst of ET-First Contact Radio Needs Our Help

Thanks to Wes Annac <3

Maarten Horst, creator of ET-First Contact Radio, is stranded in the UK and needs some crowd-funding to return home. As you’ll see in his video, he’s been denied the necessary funding to return home by the government, and he needs to make up what the government wouldn’t lone him so he can get back to the Netherlands.
We’ve all been in very unfortunate situations like this at least once before, so let’s do what we can to help our friend and fellow lightworker get back home. Currently, Maarten still needs 865 pounds to cover all of the expenses.
Maarten’s PayPal email address is:

Aisha North ~ A short update on the energies

As many of you have already surmised, the mysteries keep getting closer to heart, in a very literal way. And what do we mean by that? Simply that you are finally starting to unravel the cocoon that has been hiding so much of you from you. In other words, you have started to tap into that reservoir of light that you carry within you in a very different way from before, and as you no longer feel any restrictions as to what you can or will find there, you have also found a way to bypass your former limitations and started to go exploring. And, as many of you can testify to, what you find at first will perhaps baffle you more than enlighten you, at least, that may seem to be the case, but it is not. For what you are uncovering, are still merely small fragments of the whole, and as such, you will find one piece of information here and then one there, and they may seem to have no connection at all, and so trying to make up the whole picture seems impossible. But again, this is all about recovering the lost world if you will, that inner world that for so long has been buried under eons of accumulated dust, and just like your modern day treasure hunters, the archaeologists, you go about this in a very careful manner now, and you take your time as you slowly scrape down through the sediments to uncover it all. This may sound like a lengthy process, but it is not, for it is simply tailored in this way in order to lead you into this vast repository of light in a way that will benefit you the most.


thankyou~AGARTHIAN CRYSTAL ACTIVATION UPDATE ~ THANK YOU! I want to take a moment and thank every one of you from the bottom of my heart for participating in yesterdays Agarthian Crystal Activation. It was a fantastic experience and I will share what I saw from my end on that day. Would love to hear what you guys have experienced as well, so please post your experiences in the comments of this post.
The crystal was successfully installed underneath the border of Israel and Palestine, and all Light workers who are presently here on Earth were called into action. There also were the Agarthians and Adama, there were the Pleiadians and Arcturians, Arch Angels, Isis. We were all working diligently on activating the crystal and the crystal grid that that this particular crystal was placed on.

Ariah Velasquez-Elmore – Divine Strength Comes in Many Forms – 30 July 2014

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Goodmorning to all the readers. I am back…and will be now weekly!  I sit this morning pondering the vastness of the divine.  With the permission of my client, I wish to share a story with you today.  This client has a son with severe behavioral problems.  When I would coach her with disciplinary tactics, she would share that she was afraid of “breaking his spirit” or being unkind.  She feared that if she set boundaries with him, it would be unkind.  Now by no means would I recommend any type of corporal punishment to her, but when it came to not letting him play that day if he continued disrespect to her, and act out, that was another story.  Boundaries were an important part to getting peace in her life, and his life.  He needed the boundaries or he actually on an unconscious level would feel unsafe, and lack respect for her.  Many of my adult clients who have parents that did not show strength in their energy while they were growing up, look down on their parents now because it is part of our nature when developing to want to be shown the way and feel protected and safe, as well as be given clear messages on how to be.  The children look to us on how to be in the world and to show true strength in character.  The question is: what is strength?

Linda Robinson – Archangel Zadkiel’s August 2014 Message – Expanding Your Energetic Channels – 30 July 2014

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LindaRobinsonGreetings Beloved Ones,
This is Archangel Zadkiel, along with Lady Amethyst, and we greet you in Love and Light from the Seventh Ray of Transformation and Manifestation.  Today we are being joined by Sananda (Yeshua) to discuss expanding your energetic channels.
In our last message to you, we discussed keeping your energetic channels clear through practicing non-judgment and forgiveness.  It is important to continue these practices on an ongoing basis to prepare the way for the expansion of your energetic channels.
In this message we would like to discuss some ways to expand your energetic channels.  This expansion will allow you to receive information from the higher dimensions and to tune in to increasingly higher concepts.