Monday, May 4, 2015

De Venusianen - Liefde Portaal - 21 April 2015 / Méline Portia Lafont

Zegeningen, wij zijn de Venusianen. Wij komen in Spirit naar jullie toe op deze wereld van de Materie om assistentie te verstrekken in deze luisterrijke dans en subliminale waarnemingen. Wij zijn hier omdat wij van jullie allemaal houden en omdat wij enige veranderingen waarnemen in de houdingen en de gedachtevormen van de mensheid. De mensheid is bezig zich bewust te worden van diens eigen natuurlijke gewaarwordingen/inzichten en wat zij vasthouden als een spiegel van Waarheid voor hen zelf. De mensheid is daarom bezig sterker te worden aangaande hun eigen overtuigingen en wat zij geneigd zijn te zien als hun Waarheid en bestemming.

Dit geloof en een vorm van de gewaarwording van de Waarheid ontwaakt enig spiritueel besef in allen, in de zin van dat de mensen zich bewust worden van het feit dat er meer is in een menselijk wezen dan het verstand geleid is te geloven. Daarom vallen alle structuren en geloofsvormen omlaag, vervagen of de mensheid stapt eenvoudig weg daarvan om in/naar het Hart van het weten te stappen.

Bob Fickes ~ Wesak Gathering to Greet the Buddha

Once a year during the Full Moon in Taurus the Cosmic Buddha comes to greet the assembly of Ascended Masters and Light Workers from all over the globe. The energy of Love and Light build up with great expectation and excitement as the moment approaches when the Cosmic Buddha comes to rejuvenate our Spiritual Silence and reward us for our good work for the planet.
Today is the day when Cosmic Love and Grace pour into our soul. Today is the day when all the Masters and Light Workers unite their consciousness into the Oneness of the Cosmic Buddha and bring our united Blessings to the Earth.

Marlene Swetlishoff ~ HILARION ~ May 3-10, 2015

Beloved Ones,

As you walk the ways of the world you live in, you are daily changing yourselves and those around you. Meeting self in all of its aspects and nuances requires the utmost courage and sincerity of purpose but the rewards for your persistence are becoming self evident. When you look back in a time not too distant, you can see in hindsight that all of your experiences have brought you to this moment of clarity and inner strength. Every experience you have ever had, has brought you greater insight, wisdom and spiritual growth. As you move forward on your personal journey into higher consciousness, awareness and understanding, you make it that much easier for others to find their way forward also. Through all of your self imposed disciplines and spiritual practices through the years, you have learned that love of self is of the utmost importance on your spiritual quest, for it is from that love that the love of the divine finds expression through you.

It is well for you to keep in mind, that the ultimate purpose of your spiritual efforts is the building and strengthening of your etheric body of Light. This body surrounds your physical body and is composed of many different aspects and layers. Each layer (the physical, mental, emotional, spiritual) needs to transmute any and all energies and influences that prevent the lightbody from coming into greater prominence in your life. As the cleansing and purging of the human condition continues, that lightbody grows in luminosity and radiance. This is the ultimate objective of the Divine Plan, that humanity as a whole, remembers the Light that they truly are and expresses that Light more until all density is transmuted. This is accomplished by daily living and practicing of the golden rule, the understanding that as you do unto others, so it is done unto you. That spiritual law has always been in existence along with that of harming none.

Mahala ~ Planet Alert May 2015

Mahala Gayle

We are now in the beautiful month of May and as I am writing this article it is May Day. I love spring with the weather starting to get warm and the flowers in bloom. The tulips bloomed in April, along with the blooming trees. The Rhododendrons and other flowers bloom in May, which makes this month very beautiful, and it is a pleasure to be alive to enjoy this beauty.
April was a very active month in regard to earthquakes and volcanic eruptions. The sun has been in Taurus, along with Mars. Taurus is an Earth sign. When the Sun is in an Earth sign like Taurus, Virgo, or Capricorn, earthquakes increase. Mars, the energy planet, was also in Taurus and this created very powerful earth energy and the quake in Nepal occurred. What a disaster that is. Be compassionate but please don’t get caught in the drama of it all because that does not help anyone. Stay in the light, and then send light and love to the people in Nepal for their highest and best good. Sending money to help those people would also be nice.

5-3-15 Bill Ballard ~ Wesak and 3 Energetic Upgrades in One Month ~ WOWZERS

WOWZERS! WE have had 3 Full Note Frequency increases since first of April. From 1992 to 2010 that would happen every 18 months or so... then since 2010 every several months until 2012... and they happened every few months then... 

Now in just this one month, 3.... My body is fatigued as Im integrating all the energies. Yes I am grounded... my diet is fantastic. I get plenty of exercise and sun as well as all the water and minerals I need... This level of how fast this is coming in as this month... Can it keep increasing at this rate? Whew! 

Here are a few feelings I have been experiencing and hear from others going through the same process levels I am.... 

Much LOVE!

Sunday, May 3, 2015

Bob Fickes ~ Talking to the Animals – A Message from Merlin

Well Blessings to you my beautiful friends! I am the Merlin, Master of Magic and Master of the Transformation Energy you call Ascension!
I come to you today riding on a Violet Cloud in the shape of a Dragon! But this is no ordinary cloud! It moves like the wind very quickly through the sky of the entire universe. I can go anywhere I please in a moment. At this very moment I am approaching your Earth from high in the sky.
I remember each of you from the time when you were with me in Camelot and Shambala. Do you remember?

Shanta Gabriel ~ AA Gabriel ~ A disruption of energy serves to bring clarity — bless it.

Shanta Gabriel


 Dear One,

Just as a storm can clear the air with its cleansing rain, a disruption of energy also serves to bring clarity.

This disruption is a blessing that may come disguised as that which you do not want in your world. Sometimes knowing what you don't want is the quickest way to knowing what you do want for yourself in all situations. Clarity of mind is necessary in order to bring about that which you would like to see manifested in every area of your life.

Daily life is the cosmic educational system. Every disruption of energy has something to teach. You are here to learn and to grow from your experiences. It's important to remember that it is possible to learn from Joy as well as pain. This is your choice.

Saturday, May 2, 2015

Wes Annac ~ The Way Can Only Be Found Within

By Wes Annac, The Culture of Awareness
It’s always emphasized in the conscious community that we have to find our own way, and we can’t rely solely on what other people say if we want to spiritually grow.
There are a lot of gurus available to help show the way, and while there’s nothing wrong with relying on them to a healthy extent, we also have to be willing to interpret spirit in our own way.

If we don’t, we might end up with perspectives or philosophies we don’t resonate with, in which case we’ll know we need to stop wholly investing ourselves in the guru of our choice and look deep within to find our own perspective on life and spirituality.
Spiritual evolution is arguably the most difficult thing we’ll ever do, but it’s easier when we rely on someone like a guru. It can give us the sense that we have less of a responsibility for our evolution, and if we’re ever stumped about something, we can call on our teacher or crack open the spiritual texts.

Karen Dover ~ The building “blocks” of life


As a race the human race have passed on various building “blocks” generationally.  We teach the younger generation all that we know in the “belief” that they can build a better, more expansive life than we did but what is hidden in plain view and within human language are the “blocks” that we pass on.  How we personally view life is adapted by our children, our children look to us for how to interact with the world and the younger the child the more they will adapt this view.
For instance a young child between the ages of one and three will imitate their parent, usually the mother as traditionally the mother spends more time with her children, this is dictated by society. For any of you reading this blog who chose to go back to work and not to become a “full time” mother you will no doubt remember the dismissive looks and the unsaid words that surrounded and judged this decision.  For those of you who took the decision to become a “full time” mother you would have experienced the dismissive looks and unsaid words from those who chose the opposite.  There are many other examples like this in our outer waking world where it does not matter which “stance” is taken there always appears to be an opposite one that pulls.

Magenta Pixie ~ The Ark of the DNA (Fractal Dreaming)